Junior Kitchen Leeds Bake Off
Bake Off Competition
Minimum 10 – Lasts 3hrs

Grab Your Friends – Bring friends, colleagues or enemies to one of our baking sessions. And let the competition commence.

Pick A Date and Time – Choose a date and a time and come down to our beautiful, fully kitted out kitchen and unleash your creative baker.

Bake! – This is the messy part. You’ve got 90 minutes to whisk, roll and drizzle your way towards a winning bake. We will give you all the instructions, tools and tips to create a masterpiece or a right old mess.

Junior Kitchen Leeds Cook and Dine
Cook & Dine with our Chef
Minimum 10 – Lasts 3hrs

At Junior Kitchen we will offer you the opportunity to cook and eat under one roof. Junior Kitchen holds a deeply rooted belief that good healthy food begins with the very best fresh  ingredients from around the world and this shines through in our classes.

Hands On has you creating a three-course meal under the guidance of our chefs. Own The Kitchen gives you the opportunity to prepare three different courses.

This class allows you to sit down and enjoy the meal you created during your class.

We also offer private cooking events – if you’re looking to throw a food-focused birthday bash or shower in the future.

Junior Kitchen Leeds Shop And Cook
Shop & Cook Competition
Minimum 10 – Lasts 4hrs

Shop N Cook is a Junior Kitchen favourite that hosts a three hour cooking competition.  We will provide you with two options;

Watch your team compete and race for their ingredients in a timed event.  Contestants get to choose from a basket of food or dash out and shop for your ingredients in the local town.

From there, you and your team mates will have 120 minutes to create your most gourmet dish.

The staff will vote and decide on a winning dish.

Junior Kitchen Leeds Cupcake Wars
Cupcake Wars Competition
Minimum 10 – Lasts 2.5hrs

It’s cupcake vs cupcake in Junior Kitchens tastiest competition yet! Our Cupcake Wars will allow all your individual team of cupcake bakers to face off in four elimination challenges until only one decorator remains (eliminated bakers will still continue on all challenges).

Bakers will get the opportunity to make a box of 12 cupcakes with various flavours and colouring designs.

Pizza and Cupcake Decoration
Minimum 10 – Lasts 2.5hrs

Every team guest will get to make their own pizza form the dough to the toppings, from weighing, pouring and mixing all ingredients, kneading rolling and stretching the dough to cutting and chopping the toppings to make their own personal Pizza. Between cooking times each child will be given two pre-cooked buns to decorate into their own design in butter cream and various toppings to be boxed and to take home.

Junior Kitchen Leeds Basic Cooking Lessons
Basic Cooking Lesson
Budget TBC

Our mission at mission at Junior Kitchen is to get you to cook. To do that, we must understand why people don’t cook. Obstacles to cooking typically range from time, budget, energy level or even a hatred of doing dishes.

We know life can get in the way, but cooking at home is more healthful and less expensive than eating out, and it brings people together. It’s our goal to help you overcome obstacles to enjoy cooking at home. We do that through our cooking classes.

Bespoke Party – email to discuss